In the 3rd year of our branding journey that started in England and spread all over the world from Turkey, as Smums Yarn, we are proud to share our 20 years of deep experience and passion in the textile industry with you, our valuable hobby lovers.

Each Smums yarn is produced from superior quality 100% cotton raw material enriched with mercerisation process. This special process gives our yarns a unique shine, depth of colour and durability, while at the same time offering softness and smoothness. Ideal for your knitting and sewing projects, Smums Yarn yarns allow all kinds of creative ideas to come to life with their colour consistency and superior texture quality.

As Smums Yarn, Kozagen Teknik Tekstil Ltd. Şti. we attach great importance to the feedback and questions of our valued customers. For more information about our products, your orders or our company, you can contact us via the contact page of your website.